Self Portrait


Upon graduating from Sheridan College, Sabrina had the opportunity to present renderings to Canada’s Top Chef Mark Mc Ewan, where one of the drawings that she collaborated on came to life by a talented iron worker. Later, coincidently, it would appear on the opening segment of one of Mark’s Television series!

Another highlight of Sabrina’s early career was having Dominque Browning co-founder and senior director of Moms Clean Air Force. Org, allow her to guest blog and promote her green themed e-book/ App I Leave You this World.

Some of Sabrina’s photographic work has received national attention in print magazine publication, and once she came really close to putting her drawings on a tissue box in a nation-wide design competition where her work made it to the finals. Achoo! Currently, Sabrina’s art is showcased in a tiny basement gallery in Canada’s great white north.

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