Self Portrait

Ever wonder what happens to the shy girl at the back of the classroom? You know the one whose art impresses her peers, momentarily elevating her to a level of  elementary school superstardom (during art class). The kid who gets to design the year book cover, or the cartoons in the school newspaper. Forever doodling the hours away.

Maybe she didn’t pay too much attention in Math Class – but squeaked by with grades just high enough to make the cut for design school. Maybe she couldn’t afford a fancy portfolio case; but administrators saw something of merit in an oversized black plastic bag.

Years have passed since Sabrina was that girl. To date she has a few independent publications to tout. Her work can be seen in a tiny basement gallery located on the fringe of a great boreal forest. Some of her photographic work has received national attention in successful print publication, and once she came really close to putting her drawings on a tissue box. Achoo!

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